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Financial Therapy

Nashville Financial Therapy

Who needs Financial Therapy and what is it?

Anyone who is having Financial Transitions and Life Transitions can use some help. Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering what to do? Feeling pressure to take action before you’re ready can be paralyzing. Worth Healing can help you solidify your decision making process and improve your financial behavior.

Financial Therapy Nashville

Life Transition Therapy

Nashville Transition Therapy

Losing your parents, losing your job, signing a big contract, having a child are all big life transitions.

Reinventing yourself? In recovery and starting again? Trying on a new way of living? Trying the life you have dreamed about? Wondering who you are if you are not caring for elderly parents or sick children? Does inheritance really belong to me? I did not plan for it, nor did I think I needed it. Why are so many people telling me I need to hurry up and make decisions that I am not ready to make?

Life Transition Therapy Nashville

Client Testimonials

by Lesa Ward Darville on Dev. Worth Healing
Wonderful perspective & insight

Wonderful perspective & insight

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Recent Growth Blog

Scarred but not broken!

I just finished a 4 day training in experiential therapy techniques led by Dr. Ted Klonz  held at OnSite. The process was gut wrenching, powerful and creative. Having recently completed my CeFT, (Financial Transitionist) ...

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