For over 30 years, I have been involved in helping people make decisions regarding their investments. I found that the driving force for these decisions does not live in our rational minds. People are fearful about money and afraid of not having enough; and sometimes spend as if their money is endless.

Money frequently causes conflict in families. To an individual, the drive to acquire money may seem more important than the money itself, when this happens, the family members of this person may feel abandoned. The drive to make money most often comes from fear. A reaction to feeling abandoned can be spending money to “feel good”. All of these behaviors lead to tension, blame, shame and financial infidelity.


Worth Healing utilizes my training and experience helping people with their feelings and behavior. My graduate training began with the study of systems theory which led to further study of how people are motivated. Ultimately, I became interested in how I could help people change their behavior, so that it was truly a reflection of who they are in their head and their heart.

After earning my doctorate in Emotional Conflict, I furthered my therapeutic skills with training in Gestalt Therapy, Family Therapy and a course of study at the School of Healing Arts. A move to Tennessee prompted a career switch and I decided to look at the financial services field. This seemingly random choice and my study to become a Financial Transitionist has led me to create Worth Healing.

Worth Healing is a consulting service designed to help people improve their relationship with themselves and money. With a little added professional help most people can find the right financial strategies for themselves and their families.

I started Worth Healing with the sole intention of helping people to “allow” themselves to heal their issues and conflicts with money in life’s transitions. The most important financial decisions you ever make will be the ones you make before you invest or spend. I work with people individually and in groups.

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