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In honor of Kip- the Collie Lama!

Tracking! with Bedford!Pets2011IMG_2269


There’s no love like dog love! As a young child I felt connected to animals, primarily dogs, cats and horses. I was attracted to their unconditional love and spent hours with my pets.

Everyday is a great day with a dog. No matter where I have been or how tired I am, I open that door to four sets of legs who are thrilled that I am home. They tell me with their voices, their body language and their physical contact.

For years I have seen Andrew Krichels almost every week at his studio and therefore enjoyed the energy of Kip the Collie Lama. Before Kip, there was Sarah who literally would position herself inside the circle in the final stages of Pilates class or under the table during energy work. Kip who just left the planet yesterday and Sarah helped  keep the energy just right for meditation.

Their presence kept me present!

The Collie Lama is pictured today on my Worth Healing Facebook page with Andrew. Take a look you will see the love!

Featured on today’s musing are Bedford, Bullet and Katie. Bedford is very much on the planet  and always ready for fun or a snuggle. Bullet who badly needed an advocate and a change of venues has taught me much about the sensitive nature of a dog who has been abused and feral for over a year. Gaining his trust requires patience and a very gentle approach. He has come a long way and would not be an ideal pet for most people, but he is a happy addition to our household.

Katie who is pictured here was in charge of the Barn at Aden Branch Farm. Katie was bilingual and responded to hand signals as well as treats. Katie greeted each visitor to the farm warmly, with respect and some reserve. Katie could not be coaxed into the farm manager’s house, she had to guard the barn and the horses. Even in her advanced years, she would only  enjoy a few hours in the heated bathroom, before returning to her post. She warmly greeted me every time I came to the farm.

Wouldn’t it be great if humans could act more like dogs? Is it a goal? or maybe a dream?

Happy anniversary baby!

7 Am is the time to get married!

7 A.M.  is the time to get married!

My husband and I have been married 37 years today! We do not look the same, but everyday I know how incredibly lucky I am.

George is smart, kind, gentle and really funny! He amuses me constantly and I think I give him a belly laugh or two. When young people ask me why we seem to get happier every year, I wish I had an easy answer. I think my happiness comes from many little things.

One of those little things is coffee delivered to the bed, frothed like no coffee shop can…..with love. We have an arrangement, I grind the beans the night before and put the water in the pot and he makes the coffee and delivers it the next morning. Now, this does not a marriage make, but it is symbolic of our desire to nurture and care for each other.

When we first got married I stood on a stool to change a light bulb in our apartment and crashed to the floor. He ran into the kitchen towards me and I immediately screamed, “don’t touch me, get away.” I never considered that he might be trying to nurture me, to help me, I did not really know what that was. Through his gentle, and very patient love I have learned how to be loved.

His ability to both give me “space” and hold me through my tears, to worry, but not reprimand my crashing through life is truly a blessing. We have both lost our parents, changed careers, changed locations, lost friends, but somehow we have managed not to lose each other. His smile, the twinkle in his eye, the way he pets a cat, a dog, or me, lets me know everyday that I am not just loved, I am cherished.

He inspires me all the time and I share the  joy in his life coming together working in Equine Therapy in a therapeutic community. He never gives up on people, he “allows” them to find their path and is honored to be a part of the process.

From our earliest days, we have always loved the myth of the old couple who is granted one wish. Their wish was to grow together as two trees whose branches intertwine, one never leaving the other. I will embrace this myth and fully enjoy life with George, who has the patience of a saint and shares my love of animals, humanity and the mysteries of life. I know I am a very lucky woman. I know how fragile life is, so I celebrate everyday as if it were our last together!

Memorial Day

Home of the Free and the Brave!

Home of the Free and the Brave!

Every year in the U.S. we officially begin summer with Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day was established to honor soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Often families gather on Memorial Day for a day of family fun and are celebrating the fact that their soldiers came home.

I am the child of a World War II veteran who spent three and half years overseas. During my Dad’s “tour of duty” his mother died at the age of 52. He could have come home for his mother’s funeral, but he could not guarantee that same privilege for the soldiers who reported to him, so he stayed in Europe.

My father was all about fairness and justice and he believed that sometimes you have to aggressively defend those who cannot defend themselves. He believed in World War II, but he hated war, cruelty and most of all he hated death.

Daddy lost both of his parents before he was thirty and a number of friends in France. He knew about loss and sometimes when an “army buddy” was visiting, they would talk about their friends who did not come back. They remembered them with stories of their life together and barely touched on the death of their pals.

I was lucky to have a gentle father who could cry with me over a dead pet. I think he could express that feeling more easily than the pain he felt at the loss of all those young men that died in his war.

I honor those who have served and come home and those who died. Somewhere, between the potato salad and the Bar-B-Que, please take a moment to honor the shared experience of loss and to have gratitude for those who did get to come home.