“What kind of fool do you think I am?”

Freddy in the grass fooling around.

Freddy Foolin Around!

Today we all get to be fools, so we need not answer the question. I do wonder about the Greater Fool Theory, The Ship of Fools and why feeling foolish is not viewed in a more positive light. We have a special day for Fools and that deserves some attention!

So here are today’s Foolish ideas:

Hug everyone you have contact with today.

Walk in the mud barefooted, then wipe your feet on the grass.

Dance for one minute like you are 17.

Eat breakfast for dinner or vice versa.

Use real sugar! OMG will I drop dead if it is not Agave or Stevia?

Drive the speed limit.

Wiggle you rear like a happy dog when you see someone you like!

Do something foolish for someone else! ( like order something from Archie McFee)

Wear a Foolish grin on your face and make people wonder what you are up to.

Dress foolishly!

Support an imaginary person for President –  Vote for George Jetson, he’ll take you to the Future!

Vote for Freddy to live mouse free!


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