Murder in Williamson County




This morning I found carefully placed in front of my door a big fat red chipmunk. It was DEAD!

Immediately I thought of the horsehead scene in The Godfather. I was stunned! I was also letting four dogs out of that door and knew I needed to move fast to remove this poor critter before his corpse was disrespected by ‘The boys”. My dogs lust for squirrel and chipmunk. I looked around and knew this could only be the work of the best murderer in my house, Don. Don is a tuxedo cat, a good lookin fun loving guy with the heart of a skilled hunter. Murder is a game to him and this was no mouse or mole or vole this was a big chipmunk kill for an eight pound cat.




All I could do was grab the shovel by the door and fling this corpse over the fence to the turkey buzzards or one of the fox families as an offering to another species who could use him as food. Don appeared a little later with a swagger in his step. He came in ate, demanded fresh sink water and then arranged himself in a regal posture on the flannel sheets to lord this kill over Freddy the younger male cat.  Freddy is bigger, but not as fast, I suspect Freddy does not have the “killer instinct” of Don. I have often wanted to put a camera  on Don to see where he goes and what he does when he goes out. I do not think I would like to view “animal” snuff films from my cat. It is natural, but Don is a lap kitty and a people lover and it is hard to imagine this “killer” side of them. I realize this is a victory for him and some other animal has just had their lunch made, but still it is unsettling.



Today, I am grateful that domestic house cats are not  180 pounds or I might find George on the deck and that would be crossing an unacceptable boundary.

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