Self – Care, Thanks Lois.

Walk your Path!How well do you take care of yourself?  Do you take care of your friends, your family, your animals, your coworkers, but forget to put yourself at the front of the line? It is not so easy if you are a Highly Sensitive Person to say no to helping others and yes to getting enough sleep, food, rest, meditation or work out time.


Why is this so tough for some people and no problem for others? As usual it is a complex  combination of genetics, birth order and family lifestyle. Children raised in alcoholic families often have a problem putting themselves first. The oldest in the family may be over scrutinized and pushed, the middle child learns to lay low in the chaos and the baby of the family is likely to be completely abandoned and unsupervised or adored in a sometimes unrealistic fashion. Stuck in the middle looks up to the oldest and feels responsible for the baby.


As a grateful member of Al Anon I find that many of us were children with at least one parent who was an alcoholic. Most of us carried our family survival skills and expectations into adulthood. Many of my friends in the fellowship had similar experiences to mine. Often a highly functional Alcoholic parent is not the most injuring parent. The parent who is trying to “cover” and “hold the family together” : the untreated AlAnon is the hammer in the family, because the word alcoholic is never mentioned.


I entered the AlAnon program with six decades of pleasing to my credit. I am deeply empathetic, I am sensitive. it is very easy for me to imagine being in the position of someone who is feeling bad. Thanks to AlAnon and my own spiritual and emotional searching with lots of help; I am better able to do the things that help me function not as a people pleaser, but as a thinking partner for my clients. By taking care of myself first, I have more to give to others,  I have grown spiritually and have  come to find my unique personal faith.


AlAnon is not a religion or a cult and just about everyone who has ever known a problem drinker (family, work and friends) can benefit  from the program. The focus at AlAnon is over our own lives and behavior, not a  bunch of people complaining about their” reason” for being there.


If you wonder what AlAnon is about come to the Annual Al Anon Conference at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, TN and attend the conference. Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning this weekend! We are rich and poor, young and old and anonymity is the foundation of the program. An AlAnon meeting is  the safest place emotionally on the planet.


As a human being (converted from being a human doing), I think many people would be surprised at how much fun we have laughing at ourselves and gaining strength and support for each other. You know what you lose at Al Anon? SHAME!


This blog is just me talking to you who are all Worth Healing about a highly recognized and inexpensive way to improve your life. I hope to see you in Murfreesboro, I might be the woman in Minnie Mouse ears, because I love to be silly and serious and Al Anon accepts us all!


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