Life Transition Therapy

One day your spouse says, ” I want a divorce” and the whirlwind begins. When life changes via divorce, money often changes. That partnership has just been broken and people are easily pushed into an emotional tailspin that makes it very difficult to maintain their emotional and financial equilibrium.

You visit your Dr., then you hear any of these three words, “Cancer, Heart, Brain” and you hear nothing else. How can yo think about anything  with balance, yet treatment, illness and looming death may involve important financial decisions. You try to talk to your spouse and children, but they shut you up, because they do not want anything to change, but for you it already has. In times of extreme life stress sometimes a person needs a thinking partner who will listen to their concerns and help them to prioritize their actions.

Winning the lottery sounds great, but it is actually often overwhelming and a huge percentage of lottery winners are bankrupt five years later and will tell you that winning the lottery was the worst thing that ever happened to them.

Getting money suddenly can actually be more damaging to people’s lives than losing all of their money. Selling your company and having a non compete, means you can no longer do what you know you are good at and you love. For many people, making money is the good part, having it is something they don’t know what to do with because they have spent all of their time and effort for many years thinking about how to make  money.

When the financial winds are changing, it is time to prepare yourself!