The Brat and the Diner!

Who is the BRAT?

Who is the BRAT?

Nobody likes a brat! Most people think that just children can be brats. In fact being a brat can happen at any age. Entitled parents, have entitled children. Obnoxious rude parents often have obnoxious rude children. People who are nice to their barista, may be nasty to their family and vice versa.

Who is the brat in the diner? The parents?

In a relationship, partnership or friendship each person can feel they do more than their share and not enough at the same time. Being a brat is about feeling justified in your resentment and wounding the other party to elevate your feelings of self-worth.  Were the parents exhausted? Having a conversation about mom’s dying? Who knows? Or were they talking about what color to paint the kitchen or taking a vacation? They were certainly not thinking about others nearby. Brats do not communicate because, they don’t want to and the sound of the other persons’ voice makes them clinch their teeth. Brats are busy with an unknown agenda, seemingly frantic and worried, distracted, rude and most of all ” wanting things their way.” Stew in the juice of your personal wants long enough and even Mother Theresa would be a brat. Thinking is the fuel that brats need to stay in their “monkey mind.”

Is the child the brat?

Was the child hungry? Ignored? Autistic? The brat large or small, has a set of behaviors designed to make people look. Being a brat is like being a hero in reverse. Children act bratty in an attempt to gain some control or attention, have their needs met or to have someone comfort them.  WE all act bratty when we are  hungry,  angry, lonely or tired.

Is the owner of the diner a brat?

A diner is not a 4 star restaurant. Tables are turned quickly and the owner depends heavily on her regulars who need to be kept happy. Handing the parents the check and the to go boxes was a nice way of saying “hit the road.”  Earlier intervention could have helped the owner lower the anger and frustration in her voice.  After Baby’s first scream, the owner might have inquired if the baby was  alright.

My conclusion was that everyone’s inner brat showed up that day at the diner. The fact that this story has been such big news tells me we are all weary of killing and politicians. As a country, many of us have the illusion that we can control outcomes. When people  are killing each other over ideology in our country it is frightening, but we can’t do anything about it, so we argue over other less critical issues.

“Let your conscience be your guide.”


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