The nose knows.


Katie the Farm Dog on Patrol, protecting the barn and the horses!

Sometimes late at night here in the country, my dogs suddenly go nuts, barking and wanting to get out. I don’t see anything for them to bark at, nor do I hear anything or smell anything, but their noses know. A dog’s nose can smell 300x what a human nose can and I have some very good noses at my house. It is skunk time in Tennessee as Russell recently let us know.

Russell seems to be of Terrier descent although he was labeled a cocka-a poo. Dogs from shelters are often labeled things with no particular reason, which is why Francis Marion’s flat coated retriever mix and Bedford’s dalmation mix are questionable. I believe that all of our dogs are mixes of mixes, much like their Celtic, French, Swedish and Irish owners. W e are mutts with mutts.

Regardless of labels our dogs all have excellent noses and they know who should be where, so my alarm system is in place. Harmless pups who know the property line ( the borders patrol in the AM and PM) could get less friendly if they feel there is a threat. So how do dogs distinguish between a mere intruder and a threat. Dogs can smell the difference and distinguish the intention of the intruder by their smell.

I think it would be great if we could smell the sociopath in the room or sniff out the burglar in a hotel. Sometimes we can sniff out the potential drunk drivers and take away their keys. Sometimes we can sniff out the people who latch on to us for the wrong reason. I recently told a single friend of mine who was not happy when a slightly smashed guy in the elevator asking her, “What do you do?” to tell him she sold whole life insurance . This answer is guaranteed to move most people down the line. People fear the person who can close a deal by getting them to think about their own death.

I would love to always have a dog with me, because they can tell so much about a person by the way they smell even through hideous cologne. So turn on your nose, your eyes and ears and stay present with people and you will have less fear and more delight! Dogs wag their tails and smile because everything smells just great! Dogs always live in the present!


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