This is a day that will always be stamped in my mind!


A beautiful day, November 10, 1997, after seeing gorgeous Jackson Calvin just a day old, my mother and I were headed home. Suddenly she died in the car, near the Natchez Trace Bridge on Highway 96 of ventricular fibrillation. I was scared and traumatized, but from this loss and trauma, I have come to feel honored in the presence of death and saddened at the same time.



What I have learned from this experience and from my mother can be summed up in a few lines below:



This is the day, the moment that I am given, let me push aside loss, in favor of what still stands.
Let me honor what is lost by living the gratitude for all that I have received.
Let me come to this world in the spirit of love for all who are in it.
Let me honor that in you which is the same in me, for it is the oneness of our hearts and minds that can bring peace and justice.



If you knew and loved Bobbie/Charlotte then give a little toast as the sun sets, with a “dry” martini if you like or a glass of water.

2 thoughts on “This is a day that will always be stamped in my mind!

  1. Helen Beglin

    Dear Char, I remember this dreadful/wonderful day so well–not from that day, of course, only from hearing about it afterward. And being so impressed at your cool-headedness. I also love this photo of Bobbie.


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