When the chips are down old friends are the best friends!

textures-fire-4.bb When you are “ditched, dumped or rejected”, when your house burns down, when life seems to move in all the wrong directions and your dream becomes your “nightmare,” old friends are the best friends.


How easily we reconnect with people who have known us for decades. One word and they hear our pain and encourage us. Old friends have passed the test of time and they know the best and the worst of us. Loyalty is what old friends have when life collapses. They will let you talk, sleep on their couch and keep you from constant worry even with the wolf is at your door. Love disappears and sometimes we are left with wreckage and a big bill.



All of us are flawed. Old friends know we are wrong sometimes and that we make mistakes. Old friends love us anyway!  Old friends make us laugh at former missteps to make us feel better. Old friends defend us to ourselves, because they know we are harder on ourselves than we should be. I have friends that have known me since childhood and every decade since and even if we are separated by time and geography,we quickly connect.



I have lost old friends and it is painful. Cancer has stolen too may of my pals. I am extremely grateful for my friends who will set me straight and love me at the same time. I have friends who have lost children, dogs, parents, siblings, spouses, other friends, jobs, houses, but they will not lose me and I will not lose them. No amount of money or harsh words moves me to abandon those I value.



We don’t have to agree with our friends’ politics, religion, fashion sense or recreational choices; we just have to love them.  So when your life explodes, call on your old friends. They will let you sleep on their couch after your house is sold. They will jolly you up and not say you were a fool. Go to your “go to place” where people know who you are. You have never “lost everything” when you have your friends.



” A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have done, and still, gently allows you to grow”   –  William Shakespeare

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